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Coffee Machine

As much fun as it is visiting your local coffee shop, it is great to be able to produce quality coffee at home for you and your guests. Nothing is more pleasurable than waking up to a house filled with the aroma of freshly made coffee. But what coffee machine should you buy? Well, lets take a look.

Single Cup Coffee Maker

You have probably seen these in your office or places of business you have visited. They make single cups of coffee with no mess and no clean up. Sounds good doesn't it?

 There are currently three types of single cup packets of coffee for coffee makers. There is the k-Cup, the Pod and the T-Disc. The type of machine you use will denote which packet you use. This is where the single cup coffee makers start to show signs of weakness. You simply do not have as much choice with the type of coffee you use. You will be limited to the types of coffee that come in the correct packets. But if you like the idea of having a single cup of coffee at home quickly and with no mess, this is the coffee maker for you.

Coffee Drip Brewer

This is the most common coffee maker found in the home. It is also one of the best. You simply put ground coffee in the paper filter, place water in the reservoir and turn the brewer on. It is worth buying a quality model that works at the correct temperature.

There is one disadvantage of using a coffee drip brewer. If coffee is left in the pot, the hot plate will start to cook the coffee over time and this will make the coffee taste bitter. Only make enough coffee for what you need and if the coffee has been left in the pot for more than an hour, throw it away and make a fresh pot.

The French Press

This is basically a glass beaker. You add your desired amount of coffee into the beaker, pour in hot water, cover with the lid and press down the plunger after approximately 3-4 minutes.

A French press will deliver a quality cup of coffee every time. If you visit a gourmet coffee shop and ask for a single cup of coffee, they will most likely deliver it to you in a French press. This is a great coffee maker to use at home on those glorious Sunday mornings.